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Heather & Nate
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Hello! We're hexterah & Draetheus - otherwise known as Heather & Nate - otherwise known as the pair that make up! It's a site full of costumes, crafts and video game craziness.


Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead by zhobot
Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead
Characters/Fandom: Daryl Dixon & Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead 
Worn at: Katsucon 2014

We wore Daryl and Carol to Katsucon 2014 but later that year when the season premiere of TWD was looming on the horizon we were able to go to an abandoned prison nearby and get some shots of the costumes as well! We were joined by our friend Denis in his Glenn costume and owe a ton of thanks to Roger for wandering around and taking photos of us goofing off and pretending there were zombies around! :D

Find Zhobot on the 'net!:
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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories by zhobot
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Genii Locorum // Psych Profile - Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was sort of a polarizing game in the SH series - some people loved it, some hated it - we were definitely into it! It was different and it was actually one of Nate’s first adventures into the town of Silent Hill (we played it early in our relationship so he’s been on a bunch of adventures to SH now, MUAHAHA). We both think that that game should really be experienced on the Wii though. Hearing stuff through the Wiimote (“Door’s open.”) reeeeaaalllly added an extra “NO WHAT WHAT WAS THAT WHAT” factor. 

Obviously the phone/phone screen/etc. don’t look like Harry’s from the game but we worked with what we had! It was snowing and we freaked out and thought SHATTERED MEMORIES PHOTO TIME HURRY FIND THE FLASHLIGHT AND CHANGE MY CONTACT INFO TO SAY CHERYL. ;D

We’re going to have a few prints of certain photos from GL at any tables we have at future cons, but if you’d like a print and won’t be a con near us in the future you can hit the Genii Locorum section on our Redbubble shop!

For more info on Genii Locorum and to see where it started, check out the website!

Corpse Party by zhobot
Corpse Party
Genii Locorum // Sachiko Ever After - Corpse Party

Our first photo in our new photo project is online! Corpse Party is an amazing little visual novel filled with an insane amount of creepiness. We wanted to include the Sachiko charm as well as one of the save points (one of Ayumi’s candles) then we thought the spot on the wall could use something so we added the "Admit it. You hate all your friends. Eventually, you’ll kill one another." note that you find in one of the school hallways.

Originally the Sachiko charm was going to be intact but we tore it up and added some blood to specific pieces. That took a lot of staring at a certain few screenshots to tear it up and mark it correctly!

We’re going to have a few prints of certain photos from GL at any tables we have at future cons, but if you’d like a print and won’t be a con near us in the future you can hit the Genii Locorum section on our Redbubble shop!

For more info on Genii Locorum and to see where it started, check out the website!

Happy New Year - The Glitterati - Dance Central by zhobot
Happy New Year - The Glitterati - Dance Central

Happy New Year from Zhobot!

We figured The Glitterati (from the Dance Central series) would make a good New Year card because they are fabulous and sparkly and two of our favorite characters ever, hehe.

We had a Christmas card with them in 2012 and besides their three main outfits we’ve also made one concept art outfit, one original outfit and a Saints Row version outfit (our bosses in the Saints Row series have basically been Kerith and Jaryn XD) of them. Our hearts kind of belong to these beautiful jerks so we wanted to show our love for them at the beginning of this new year. <3

We were gonna do the drinks and such like usual w/ Glitterati shots but we figured the snark was good enough for this — there’s also some shots of the eating of the magical RuPaul candy bars we got for Christmas and one of Kerith hiding behind his scarf because Riptide or Lu$h or someone walked in the club on NYE. Maybe we'll post those one day too. ;)

Mike Schmidt - Five Nights at Freddy's by zhobot
Mike Schmidt - Five Nights at Freddy's

Character/Fandom: Mike Schmidt
Worn at: MAGFest 8.5 (September 2014)

A few days before MAGFest 8.5 Heather got it in her head to make a FNaF costume consisting of stuffed animals. Thanks to Amazon (and Amazon Prime, oh man), four cheap Beanie Babies showed up at the door the Thursday before the convention.

The little additional bits (top hat, eyepatch, bib, etc.) were added last minute and look a hot mess but in the end it was worth it because the reactions went from “Cutest version of Five Nights!” to “THAT BEAR SCARED ME.” That last one was from a tiny little girl that the elevator opened to while Freddy was sitting on Heather’s head. 100% sure she had no idea what FNaF was, but that means Freddy was doing his job.


2014 = busier than we thought!

Thu Mar 20, 2014, 4:29 PM

would you kindly?

Skin design by NishithV
Skin modified and coded by CypherVisor

We've been meaning to put an update here for awhile on what's been going on but we've been so behind! How is it March (almost April) already?!

MAGFest, Katsucon and Ring of Fire Con have gone by and we had a blast at each of them! We debuted a number of costumes (Animal Crossing, Deckers, Persona 2 -- all kinds of stuff you'll see here soon) and met a bunch of new fabulous people. :D In the near future we'll be at Eastern Shore Fan Con (Princess Anne, MD) on April 5th and AwecomeCon (Washington, D.C.) the weekend of April 18th!

Will we be seeing anyone at either of those cons?

We've also been playing around with some new crafty things and have a video game photography project on the horizon. We're also still trying to finish putting all of our costumes up on our website which is taking WAY TOO LONG. Soon everything will be moving smoothly... hopefully! XD

Here are some of the shots we have up from MAGFest and Katsucon so far!

Persona 2 - Eriko Kirishima and Kei Nanjo by zhobot Decker Specialist - Saints Row: The Third costume by zhobot Kinzie and Asha - Saints Row IV - Super Homies by zhobot

Robert and Rosalind Lutece - BioShock Infinite by zhobot The Deckers - Saints Row: The Third by SewAndBro

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Hey - good to see you on here! :D Sorry we're so late on the responses here - you know you have our thanks! So good to have other Glitterati fans on here!
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BEST GLITTERATI COSPLAY EVER!! Sasami Squad C (Clapping) [V11] Miyuki Koshiki (Cheer) [V10] Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] Hatsune Miku-19 (Miku Miku Shite Ageru) 
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